Westbay Surfboards are shaped and finished in Portrush on the north shore of Ireland, producing some of the finest boards around. With accuracy and quality checks normally only associated with the much larger factories.
We not only produce boards for our own Westbay label but also contract shape and finish for other companies, our boards are shipped wide and far, for instance our retros sell through agents in Jersey in the channel islands.
Recently to keep up with demand for our boards we have imported and installed a profiling machine, we believe it to be the first of its kind in the Uk and Ireland.
To supply at the speed required by our outlets and to maintain accuracy it was decided the large investment was needed.
At Westbay all processes have always been “in-house” and we have never used pre-shaped blanks as other manufactures have done. For this reason we have always been able to adapt and progress our shapes along with feedback coming in from the line-up.
With an already impressive repertoire of shaping and finishing skills we have also been able to hone our skills with the masters, for instance the famous man of craftsmanship and accuracy Mark Neville whom shapes for his own label and Stewart Surfboards to name only two, and Matt Adams of UFO Surfboards.
With an eye for detail at Westbay we continually research and develop all the processes using the finest materials available and continually developing new techniques and processes. With a mind to the environment we have developed a very efficient system that uses the minimum of energy and leaves us with very little waste product, we also order materials in bulk to reduce impact via transportation, to coin a phrase “we really do think the job out thoroughly” and with this efficiency in mind we are able to minimise the impact on the environment and keep the prices of the boards down.
With the recently installed profiling machine and our engineering background teamed with our shaping kills we have been able to adapt the machine so that we continue to produce accurately our existing and future shapes ready for shaping, these much loved shapes can then be fine tuned and tweaked to produce the power, speed, strength and lightness required from our boards, with all processes maintained in-house we are able to in-put and tune our knowledge and control all processes.
At Westbay we are lucky to have some of the most talented and enthusiastic team riders on board, these guys are invaluable to producing our shapes, continually testing the boards to quite often destruction in the search for the ultimate surfboard.
We also have a loyal network of outlets that we support and that support our product when others are supplying the dreaded imports.
We would like to thank all past present and future customers along with the outlets and agents (these guys really know their stuff, listen to them) for supporting our product, for without you guys there would obviously be no Westbay, so thanks again, enjoy the surf and most importantly have FUN!