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The Viper longboard is spot on and we’ve heard nothing but praise for it……

It will catch waves with minimal effort in all surf conditions from small 2ft to heavy over head hollow waves (fitness and weight level obviously to be taken into consideration), it gives easy nose rides in fast conditions and is loose enough to perform trickery should you be of that mindset.

The rocker template and over all board shape being tested and developed over many years to ensure the board gives maximum performance and maximum fun in all conditions

A super performance board that glides like a hot knife through butter and works in surf from 2ft upwards?!

….that will be a Westbay Viper!


Clear Glass, Clear Quality, made in Ireland by a skilled master craftsman.

Dont compromise on quality, because at our prices you clearly dont have to.

Can you truly say you are proud of your surfboard? If  its a Westbay you can!

Standard construction type : Polyurethane/ISO Polyester

BOARD SIZE : 9ft 1” x 22” x  3”+ and 9ft 3” x 22 3/4” x 3 1/8” +

FIN BOX SETUP : 2 +1, 10” centre box with FCS Fusion side boxes

FINS SUPPLIED : various available

FIN BOX SETUP T3 VERSION : Tri with FCS Fusion fin boxes and supplied with G/S5 fins

PRICE : see current stock  

TO ORDER OR TO PURCHASE, EMAIL : westbaysurfboards@yahoo.co.uk