They say you cant teach an old dog news tricks!


Within the last few years the market has been flooded with poor quality boards mainly aimed at the beginner market and surfers on a budget, with shiny paint jobs and a big marketing budget coupled to the promise of a big profit for the outlet you can cloud the judgement of  almost anyone!

This has a very troubling effect on a craftsman, after years of graft producing and refining a quality product they begin to wonder why they bother.

Well I will tell you why, pride and a thirst to educate, without craftsmen producing quality products, over time we start to go backwards, we lose the skills and the knowledge to better ourselves, we put up with sub-standard equipment because we are either misinformed or we just think there is no other option.

So how could Westbay tackle this problem, not very easily for sure, we already have a super efficient process set up, and we just cannot bring ourselves to compromise on materials, so clearly a new production system was needed, one that allowed an almost continuous process that maximised output and reduced production time. There had to be a quicker way!

After much thought and a lot of time and effort we’ve cracked it! Its called the “Tag” manufacturing system, it should really be called the CPM system, but just like a Tag team each process follows on without delay from the one before, a very efficient way of doing things,

at minimum  it doubles output, and we are very excited about it.


The brief was originally for a light weight entry level board at an entry level price, but what we have produced is a light weight board crammed with high spec features at a low spec price.

So where do we start? the list is almost endless, the Pup, just like all our eps/epoxy boards has high density Westbay spec Irish made EPS foam, wooden stringers, solid box type fin boxes bonded to both the glass and foam for maximum strength, double layer with full double layer rail wrap epoxy glassing on the bottom with fin box patches, triple layer with full triple layer rail wrap glassing on the deck, that’s 5 layers of protective glass around the rails, a concave at critical entry point to maximise wave pick up, chamfered nose rails and on completion its oven cured for extra toughness.


Its a new pup un-leashed upon the line up, an easy paddling super stable fun board, suitable for both beginners and old salty surf dogs, girls and guys alike., You may never want to surf anything else.

Clear glass, Clear quality, built in Portrush by a master craftsman.

Take another look in your board bag, can you truly say you are proud of your board? If its a Westbay you can!





BOARD SIZES :  8ft 6” x 22 1/2” x 3 1/4”

                            8ft x 22 1/4” x 2 7/8”

                             7ft 9” x 22” x  2  7/8”

                             7ft 6” x 21 3/4” x 2 3/4”



FINS SUPPLIED (Standard Tri Fin Version) : E5


STANDARD SPRAYS : Classic White and the Design shown above in your chosen colour (red, blue, purple, green or yellow)

Or click here to choose your spray at additional cost

PRICE FOR STD TRI FIN VERSIONS : £339 for classic white 4mm stringered version 7ft 6” to 8ft

                                                                 £330 for Freeflex classic white version 7ft 6” to 8ft

                                                                 £379 8ft 6”  3/8” basswood stringered classic white version

                                                                                       £350 for 8ft 6” Freeflex classic white version





TO ORDER OR TO PURCHASE, EMAIL : westbaysurfboards@yahoo.co.uk