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The All-Rounder was introduced to sit comfortably between the performance pintails and our traditional range of longboards.

This board model has been out with John Mccurry in anything from 1ft to 8ft .....“Rick lovin that 91, thinkin the next board should be kept the same, best all rounder ive had to date, from 1ft to testin in 8ft its wicked man”  ...his words not mine

(sourced from text message).

For those of you wondering  who John Mccurry is? 4 Times Irish Longboard champ and more than likely Irelands most radical longboarder!

Just like all our boards the All-Rounder is made in Portrush using traditional methods and the finest materials ,

Construction types available : Polyurethane/ISO Polyester

Board sizes : 9’1” x 22 1/2” x 3” to 9’6 “ x 23“ x 3 3/8“

Fin  box set up 2+1, supplied with 8”centre fin

Prices : see current stock list


TO ORDER OR TO PURCHASE, EMAIL : westbaysurfboards@yahoo.co.uk