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Construction types available : Polyurethane/ISO Polyester

Board sizes : 9’ X 23” X 3 3/8”  Nose 18 1/2”  Tail 15 1/2”

                     9ft 3” x 22 3/4” x 3 3/8”  Nose 18 1/2”  Tail  15 1/4”   

                     9ft 6” x 23” x 3 3/8”  Nose 18 3/4”  Tail 15 1/2”

                     10’ x 23 1/2” x 3 3/8”  Nose 19 1/4”  Tail 16”

Fin  box set up :  Single fin box supplied with 8” or 10” moulded shark fin

For nose riding an FCS Fatboy or Hatchet fin s recommended

TO ORDER OR TO PURCHASE, EMAIL : westbaysurfboards@yahoo.co.uk

The Albatross is a super stable board for the single fin connoisseur, the shape doesn't require side fins, it does the job very nicely with just the centre fin (supplied).

The All-Rounder shape is where all Westbay longboard shapes evolve from, because that shape is extremely hard to better, but a dedicated single fin shape was required that was aimed at nose riding but would work extremely well in all conditions.

A new shape started the search, this was good but didn't feel quite right in all conditions, so it was shelved, the urge was still there so another new shape was put into service, again good but it didn't pass the “it must work in all conditions” test, so again it was shelved, one trick ponies are not our thing.

The new Albatross was then born from revisiting the All-Rounder shape, using the nose and putting a wide hipped tail into the shape and thinning it up to encourage water roll over it to enhance hold during a trip to the nose, lifting the nose and tail, fining and softening up the rails to bog it well and truly into the face, a rolled vee was put into the mid to front of fin section and a vee exiting out of the tail to aid directional hold.

The result, it can only be described as super stable and very predictable in all surf conditions.

First test, superb, and every test after that, it then fell into the hands of an experienced surfer in the trade with competition wins under his belt, an immediate order followed!

It wasn't just Westbay that thought it was right